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Non-metallic Sludge Collector

Non-metal sludge collector with front roller applied


Front Roller Type Sludge Collector

The load in the collector is reduced by more than 50%, so it is possible to operate reasonably by reducing energy consumption and physical/human consumption by reducing power consumption by more than 50%.

Front roller type sludge collector

Driven Sprochkets
Function It is a dish-shaped structure having elasticity in the tension of the dive chain, and transmits the power of the driving unit to the head shaft of the collector.
Characteristics It is a four-division separation structure that allows only the retardation part to be replaced in case of wear, making it easy to repair and repair, and can be selectively applied according to the material quality and characteristics of each site.
Configuration 40NT(or 30NT), PCD 844.6. PITCH 66.27mm(or 78.1mm)
quality of the material Polyurethane (PU), HDPE, STS304+GUR

Head Sprochkets
Function It is fixed to the head shaft (drive shaft) to drive the collector, and transmits the power transmitted from the DRIVEN chain to the main body chain.
Configuration 12NT, PCD 588.8m PITCH 152.4mm
quality of the material Polyurethane (PU), HDPE.

Idler Sprochkets
Function Located on the corner shaft, tail shaft, and idler shaft, it is driven by the loop chain in combination with the three-ve bearing and is collectively referred to as an idle sprocket.
Configuration 9NT, PCD 446.6m PITCH 152.4mm
quality of the material Polyurethane (PU), HDPE.

An apparatus for preventing dropping of a driving chain (Patent No. 10-1648763)
Function By automatically stopping the reducer when the drive chain is broken, it is possible to respond quickly to on-site unexpected events.

∑ Flight
Function It scraps sludge on the bottom of the immersion battery and has strength and acid resistance above the sludge load.
Characteristics The flyt reinforced the shape of the product to have high strength, and in combination with the front roller, the load of the collector is reduced by 50% or more, proving the excellence of only the considering technology for the slurry collector.
quality of the material NYLON + HDPE

Auto Centering Weall Bearing (Patent No. 10-1648763)
Function The bearing housing is made of a non-metal for corrosion and chemical resistance in a BALL shape to help the self-alignment of the shaft by fixing the drive shaft to the wall surface of the immersion battery.
quality of the material STS 304 + GUR

Shaft clamp
Function It protects the axis against risk factors such as rotation of the axis and left/right slip bending, and stable operation is performed.
quality of the material STS 304

Wear Strip (Return Strip, Bottom Strip)
Function It is attached to the return track on the top of the immersion battery and to the bottom of the immersion battery to reduce friction, thereby reducing wear and power consumption.
Characteristics The bottom strip is reinforced with 20 tons to cope with surface defects on the bottom of the immersion battery.
quality of the material HDPE

Take-up device
Function It is a take-up site that controls the sagging, drag, and tension of the roof chain and is easy to maintain with easy tension adjustment.
quality of the material STS


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Non-metallic Sludge Collector.